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Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors
Your 2015 ultimate guide to home cleaning

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Best vacuum for hardwood floors exposed - The ultimate buying guide

December 29, 2014

Hardwood flooring is widely popular among homeowners because of its durability and also because it never fails to add that classy" feel to a well-structured house. I'm sure there are plenty of you who own and cherish such a floor type. When most people think of cleaning their hardwood floors, they immediately take out the broom from their closet and get to work. Well, what if I told you that using a vacuum cleaner (or a hybrid cleaner) instead is a much better option? The most obvious reason for using a vac to handle all your hardwood floors' cleaning needs is that it is many times more powerful and faster than a broom. Thus, you can easily pick up more debris and dirt.

My first advice is that if you want to buy a new device especially designed for this chore, at least choose the best one. A good reason to invest in the best vacuum for hardwood floors is that many units come with attachment tools that help you reach places (like corners and crevices) that you've never thought, achieve shininess levels that you've never seen and sometimes sanitize better than pure alcohol. First thing's first: if you're in the hurry, check out these 5 vacuum cleaners I consider most suitable for hardwood (and wood flooring in general):





Getting a hold of the best vacuum for hard wood floors online is now becoming extremely important and essential in the buying process, especially if you wish to retain the shine and glow of your hardwood for years to come. Here are some considerations for those of you who are looking for other models.

Hardwood Classic Looks Need That Extra Care!

Hardwood flooring, unlike other type of floors, has to be tended as frequently as possible; that is if you want to retain its original looks. If you've spent that extra bit to get good hardwood floor installed, you would certainly be on the look-out for the best way to keep it intact. Your main aim should be to keep your hardwood flooring scratch free and shining. This is possible only by using the best cleaning solutions, such as the wood polishers I've presented some time ago, and the top vacuum cleaners that I'll present here; not just any vacuum that you normally use in your home will do. If you're interested in buying a good hardwood vacuum cleaner, read on my guides.

What to Avoid

Since homeowners are usually advised to clean and maintain their hardwood floors using a vacuum cleaner, the most common thing they tend to do is to use the same vacuum they use to do their spring cleaning. However, these conventional vacuums are meant to mainly remove dust and allergens around the house and maybe your SUV. Best advice for you is, avoid this. If you really want to keep your hardwood floor, as sparkly as it is, the last thing you would want to do is use common household vacuum. The reason is simple; these machines are not made for hard or smooth surfaces. Probably one of the worst features for hardwood cleaning is a beater brush. Take your time to analyze the vacuum head. If it has a round rotator brush with stiff, hard bristles, that's the beater brush. It's basically designed to dig deeply embedded dirt in carpet and rug fibers to sweep up hair and fur. If you accidentally use it on your hardwood flooring, you may well end up scrubbing your floor with harsh steel. Long story short, never use a cleaner with a beater brush!

Make Sure it Has All The Right Features

There are different types of vacuums that are available on the market. The latest ones have much better features, soft edges, padded wheels, and detachable extensions that are suitable for sensitive floors. Make sure you buy a vacuum (preferably a canister model) that has an extension to specifically clean soft carpets and floors. Anything with rough edges should be avoided. Don't forget that your hardwood flooring is very sensitive to sharp and rough things.

A floor-cleaning extension equipped with some kind of padding would be best to clean hardwood floors. Also remember that wooden flooring not only needs to be dusted off, but a light swab now and then is also important and this would require a vacuum that has both wet and dry options. Along with a regular cleaning unit, you may also want to consider buying a portable handheld model for smaller jobs such as stray kitty litter, or spiller cereal. The size and weight of your vacuum also matters. The lighter, the better, which is why handheld vacuum cleaners are usually preferred for cleaning hardwood floors. Vacuums that are easy to move around are much better than ones that have to be pushed around, since the wheels may also scratch the wood. Some of the best vacuums are not necessarily the most expensive ones. Make sure you take a close look at the features, power and attachments. A good hardwood vacuum cleaner is one that is gentle on your classy flooring and is able to remove its dirt without removing its looks.

If You Have Multiple Floor Types In Your House

The concept of one-size-fits-all vacuum is the best option for all those who have multiple floor surfaces but don't want to invest in multiple machines designed to work at their best only on one specific floor surface. There are many upright vacuum models that have a rotating brushroll and a feature such as pedal, on/off lever, or button so you can easily disengage their spinning brush when you want to vacuum your bare floor surfaces. The vacuum nozzle height or head adjustment is also important, as it helps you lower it close enough to your bare floor surface, to successfully create that Venturi effect that accelerates air flow so it can set all the dirt and debris in motion, for smooth pick up.

Some of the upright actual vacuums have detachable extension hoses (sometimes called collapsible hoses or stretch hoses) that allow you to use a wide range of attachments designed to work on surfaces such as drapes, upholstery, blinds, and hard floor surfaces.

Choosing Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

The best way to evaluate all your options and buy the best vacuum for hardwood floors is to check out few real customer feedback and reviews from large online retail websites (such as , , , , and many others) and there are a LOT of options to choose from! To get you started in the right direction, here are my personal recommendations:

Bissell Symphony

When it comes to hybrid vacuums, Bissell is one of the best on the market. And with the new Bissell Symphony All-in-one, this company has done it again. It's a cyclonic vacuum with good suction power. However, bear in mind that this machine is not meant to be used on rugs or carpets. It's specially designed for hardwood, laminate and tile floors. You can use this vacuum's airflow to gather much of the bigger debris around the house. Its steam sanitizes almost anything, meaning 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria are killed by its hot airwaves. Only water is used for cleaning, so there are no additional chemicals.

You have to hold the steam for just 10-15 seconds and that's it. There are High and Low steam options, thus you can choose the right power for the job you wish to handle. Thanks to its Quick and Smart Steam Technology, steam function is ready within 30 seconds. The vacuum comes with few accessories, such as a water cup, four pads, and the Bissell Steam Shot hard surface cleaner.

You can choose between steam cleaning, vacuuming, and both with this vacuum cleaner. You can vacuum up solid debris before steaming the entire area. Or you can vacuum while thoroughly sterilize the floor with steam. The vacuum does a better job than the mop or vacuum combo at picking up dirt, mud, or pet hair. The vacuum's cleaning path is 11″ across. It is small enough to easily fit in many nooks and crannies, and still you don't have to make too many passes to clean your rooms or kitchen.

A nice feature of this vacuum is its Dry Tank Technology that maintains the water tank completely dry as you steam, thus preventing any humidity from infiltrating its vacuum part. One of the reason why this hybrid vacuum is awesome is that it can both steam and sweep at the same time. Its ergonomic design offers a pleasant experience, and its trigger fits perfectly into the handle and is easy to use. The controls are digital and you can adjust its handle in five ways. Its power cord is around 25 feet, which is sufficient for most cleaning jobs. It comes with 2 years limited warranty. You can read more detailed reviews of Bissell Symphony here.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

The Bissel PowerEdge is one of the best vacuum for hardwood floors and boasts of an extra-long, 20 feet power cord to ensure greater reach. It comes without any attachments, but offers a unique V-shaped unique head for cleaning around furniture and corners. You'll be surprised by its suction power.

It's best for cleaning hardwood floors, pet hair and tight places. It's V-shaped nozzle pulls debris to the center of its cleaning head for a more effective cleaning. Meanwhile, its pointed edges are best for cleaning crevices and corners. A special rubber lip enhances its ability to pick up pet hair. You can easily empty its dirt cup and filters are easy to be replaced, when necessary.

The best thing about Bissell PowerEdge is that it has a sturdy and powerful physique, making it reliable for use on hard surfaces and floors. Its innovative suction technology makes vacuuming easier and more convenient as well as reliable and fast. It's lightweight design means you can continue to use it for long hours. Thanks to its swivel head, you can move it across all types of surfaces, including wood. Read more real reviews about Bissel PowerEdge.

BISSELL BOLT ION XRT 2-in-1 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

The BISSELL BOLT ION XRT 2-in-1 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum is the best product among the Bolt models. It is an easy to use vacuum that comes with a removable handheld vac (whereas its name: 2-in-1).

With its 25V batteries, you'll get 40 minutes of run time, so you can easily clean full rooms and messes. The vacuum handle can be folded forward and backward seamlessly, thus increasing the usability of the product for above-floor cleaning chores and compact storage. It also has specially designed pet hair features such as the pet hair hand vacuum nozzle and the pet hair brush roll to clean up pet hair.

Edge bristles on this vacuum sweep debris away from edges and corners, and its crevice tool is equipped with dusting brush attached to the hand vacuum to help clean various hard-to-reach areas. Its 180º swivel steering helps you to easily maneuver it around furniture. The package comes with a charger which fully charges the batteries within 8 hours. It comes with a 2 years limited warranty.

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe is not a vacuum cleaner per se, but it is one of the best cleaning tools for hardwood floors that comes with a unique design for scrubbing your hardwood floors. Unlike traditional hardwood floor vacuum cleaners, the FloorMate uses cleaning solution, water and spinning brushes for cleaning hard surface floors.

When the FloorMate is in wash mode, it releases its special cleaning solution onto the floor while its counter-rotating four circular brushes spin to break up marks and stains. Once you finish scrubbing your floor, you can easily switch it to Dry mode, and it will immediately suck all the dirty water from the floor. It's equipped with a squeegee to help your floor dry quickly. FloorMate can hold dirty water in a separate tank than the cleaning solution, so its stays dirt-free. Both its tanks detach easily from vacuum for disposal, after you finish cleaning.

The vacuum comes with an interchangeable wood floor brush, so if you want to use it primarily as a wooden floor vacuum you can be confident that its brushes won't damage the finish of your hardwood. It also uses hardwood specific cleaning solution that you can easily buy from the market.

There's a trigger vacuum on FloorMate's handle that releases cleaning solution when you want to focus on tough stains. This feature helps this vacuum to be versatile, as sometimes you need more cleaning power than the standard cleaning process can give you. The vacuum weighs just 14 pounds and is light enough to be portable around your house. This is great if you have hardwood floors on multiple levels. If you buy this vacuum you will get the following: a spinscrub grout and tile brush, an upper handle, a special spinscub wooden floor brush that is assembled with the unit, and a owner's manual.

Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele S2121 Olympus Canister vacuum occupies a special place in the world of high end vacuum cleaners that offer full value for money. It's an entry level canister vacuum that's designed exclusively for hardwood flooring and low-pile carpets. When used as per manufacturer's direction it delivers awesome performance.

This vacuum shines as far as finish, fit and ease of use. With 3 casters, the Miele S2121 Olympus will follow you around without flipping over or getting caught on any piece of furniture. It can glide smoothly on any type of flooring, and it is extremely lightweight - it weights just 12.7 pounds, about half of similar canisters. Despite lack of bulk, its power is quite substantial. Its plastic latches click into place with ease, and it does not make any rattling sound.

The vacuum has an 18 ft retractable power cord. Its hose and the extendable wand combine to provide nearly a 9 ft cleaning radius around the canister. Its wand itself extends to about 4 ft, which makes it easy to suck up spiders crawling across the ceiling and to clean curtains.

Miele's cloth dust bag features an unique plastic collar that easily slides in and out of the canister, and there's a flapper that keeps dirt from escaping. Unlike other Miele products, this one does not have any HEPA filtration, but technologies like the Auto-Seal Closing Filter Bag compensate for this lack.

Shark Sonic Duo

Shark Sonic Duo is one of the hardest machines that do a fine cleaning job! It works on all types of hardwood floors and also works on carpets, curtains, and rugs. At the heart of the machine is its proprietary Sonic Duo cleaning system that uses Shard pads and solution made for this machine. These are concentrated formulas and work with reusable pads. The system has four pads that can be used with: hard floor, carpets, carpet stains, and polish. Each of these pads is unique and are color coded to prevent any confusion.

Here are the pads that can be used on this machine:

Carpet Cleaning

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet Pad

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet Solution, Concentrate and Activator Spray

Hard Floor Cleaning

Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Pad

Hard Floor Polishing

Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Polishing Pad

Shark claims that it makes your carpets 1.5 times brighter and removes dirt from below the surface. On hardwood floors, this device kicks ass! It's almost magical. It works by first spraying a solution onto the floor to loosen the dirt and acts as a suspension buffer to get the dirt off the floor and into its pads. There are three different sections in the pads, a soft and smooth section for absorbing and buffing, a scrubby section for scrubbing tough spots and dirt off the floor, and the noodle section to get into all the nooks and crannies while mopping up all the dirt and solution mixture. Overall, if you're looking for a cleaning system for hardwood floors and carpets, Sonic Duo might be the machine for you.

Final words

I hope I've covered all the main aspects on this subject, and I truly believe you would absolutely love at least one of the vacuum cleaners I've proposed as the best for hardwood floors. But if you believe I've missed something, or if you like another vacuum cleaner better, I would absolutely love your feedback!

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